My randomness!
Be not afraid, my jungle brother.
Storm - Welcome to the Jungle
Do you know the hardest thing about boxing?"
“Getting punched in the face?
Grant Ward and Skye - Agents of Shield
Your mum’s pussy was the canvas. Your dad’s dick was the paintbrush. Boom. You’re the art.
James Franco - This Is the End
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do."
“There’s nothing you wouldn’t do.”
“It’s true.
Taylor and Lori Sorenson
Nobody in the world makes me laugh the way you do. You’re my best friend. I just wanna be with you.
Tom - Made of Honour
A bad relationship? Yeah. I understand a bad relationship. I just don’t wanna talk about yours.
Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time
I avoid relationships because I can’t count on them.
Nora Dominguez - From Prada to Nada
Have you lost some weight?"
“I have and thank you for noticing.”
“I thought so. When you were bent over tying your shoes your wallet didn’t look like it was trying to bust out of your ass.
Carl McMillan and Mike Biggs - Mike & Molly
I can taste the bubbles.
Steve Stifler - American Pie 2
You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They’re upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential.
Emily Gilmore - Gilmore Girls