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This is a very important post.

babies babying together

They babies. They babyin’ together

This is adorable!!!

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you may have a mould problem. That sink with the standing water seems especially concerning.
Phil Coulson - Agents of SHIELD
Okay whoa! Hold up ladies, you don’t get a bitch pass just cause you’re old.
Max Black - 2 Broke Girls
What I want more than anything is to see a real living tree.
Audrey - The Lorax
Check out the sexy nurse. I believe it’s time for me to turn my head and cough.
Howard Wolowitz - The Big Bang Theory
There’s something behind me, isn’t there?
Jack - Jack the Giant Slayer
I didn’t know you played the cello."
“Yeah, my parents felt that naming me Leonard and putting me in advanced placement classes wasn’t getting me beaten up enough.
Penny and Leonard Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory
Man, work, work, work. No time to spend my money.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural
That’s the thing about children. Before you know it… you lose them.
Mr Gold - Once Upon a Time
I’ve always dreamed that my life could be like a fairy tale, a perfect fantasy. But it was nothing more than a dream.
Cinderella - Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time