My randomness!
I would do it. I would kiss a frog. I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess.
Charlotte - The Princess and the Frog
We don’t have a dolly or lifting belts or any measurable upper body strength.
Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory
I trust everyone; it’s the devil inside them I don’t trust.
John Bridger - The Italian Job
Dude, I earned that money."
“You won it in a poker game.”
Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester - Supernatural
Good is another word for weak.
Martin - Once Upon a Time
You better get that nasty ass tongue back in your mouth before I rip it out!
Malcolm Turner - Big Momma’s House
Just wanted to come by and say I’d love to help, but A, I lack the skill set, and B, old computers give me the willies. You have no idea how much courage it’s taking just to stand here.
Morgan Grimes - Chuck
Three guys in the car with no girls. Rave music. Hey, I’m not going to judge.
Hancock - Hancock
Do you know the hardest thing about boxing?"
“Getting punched in the face?
Grant Ward and Skye - Agents of Shield
Tell her she’s not allergic to gluten she’s just masking an eating disorder.
Max Black - 2 Broke Girls