My randomness!
The time of the Elves is over. Do we leave Middle-Earth to its fate? Do we let them stand alone?
Galadriel - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
You were chosen to destroy vampires, not to… wave pompoms at people.
Rupert Giles - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You just have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, he’s going to change the world.
Jonathan Kent - Man of Steel
Imagine what she’ll do with our resources."
“I am. That’s exactly what I’m imagining during this frown.
Phil Coulson and Grant Ward - Agents of Shield
I haven’t seen a walk like that since Jurassic Park!
Victor Melling - Miss Congeniality
Congratulations. You’re officially Neptune High’s most boring person."
“Did I mention the movie might be PG-13?”
“Ow! Jump back, wild child!
Wallace Fennel and Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars
I don’t like you very much right now, doctor."
“I’m not a doctor. I’m a 3rd year medical student whose 4 credits short until you can walk.
Jack Ryan and Cathy Muller - Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
It occurs to me, if I ever did perfect a time machine, I would just go into the past and give it to myself. This eliminating the need for me to invent it in the first place.
Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory
Never thought I’d die fighting side by side with an Elf."
“What about side by side with a friend?”
“Aye. I could do that.
Gimli and Legolas - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural